political leader

political leader
a person active in party politics (Freq. 1)
Syn: ↑politician, ↑politico, ↑pol
Derivationally related forms: ↑politics (for: ↑politician)
Hypernyms: ↑leader
Instance Hyponyms:
Astor, ↑Nancy Witcher Astor, ↑Viscountess Astor, ↑Barkley, ↑Alben Barkley, ↑Alben William Barkley, ↑Beaverbrook, ↑1st Baron Beaverbrook, ↑William Maxwell Aitken, ↑Bradley, ↑Thomas Bradley, ↑Tom Bradley, ↑Bryan, ↑William Jennings Bryan, ↑Great Commoner, ↑Boy Orator of the Platte, ↑Burr, ↑Aaron Burr, ↑Chase, ↑Salmon P. Chase, ↑Salmon Portland Chase, ↑Clark, ↑Joe Clark, ↑Charles Joseph Clark, ↑Clay, ↑Henry Clay, ↑the Great Compromiser, ↑Clinton, ↑DeWitt Clinton, ↑Crockett, ↑Davy Crockett, ↑David Crockett, ↑Douglas, ↑Stephen A. Douglas, ↑Stephen Arnold Douglas, ↑Little Giant, ↑Houston, ↑Sam Houston, ↑Samuel Houston, ↑Jackson, ↑Jesse Jackson, ↑Jesse Louis Jackson, ↑Glenda Jackson, ↑Maginot, ↑Andre Maginot, ↑McCarthy, ↑Joseph McCarthy, ↑Joseph Raymond McCarthy, ↑Moynihan, ↑Daniel Patrick Moynihan, ↑Mullah Omar, ↑Mullah Mohammed Omar, ↑Peel, ↑Robert Peel, ↑Sir Robert Peel, ↑Rankin, ↑Jeannette Rankin, ↑Ross, ↑Nellie Ross, ↑Nellie Tayloe Ross, ↑Seward, ↑William Henry Seward, ↑Webster, ↑Daniel Webster

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